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Hey deviants,

I am very proud to say, things are going quite alright at the moment, and my skills are slowly getting better. I am finally able to show people what goes on in my head, and that means a lot to me.

Love you all
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So I'm taking a design course, loads of fun and struggle but necessary mind occupation... Wish me luck
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Hey there e-world,

So here I am, joinin the ranks of millions of artists... with a poor excuse, but really not giving two hoops... I feel happy! I have music and love... so screw ya'lls who wanna criticise... I know I'm crap! So don't even try... cause I'm already there where you wanna drag me!

But anyways, I'm so screwed! Minds are going away, as well as money! And life's tough! Never wanted to be a grown-up! Damn...

Well folks, keep in touch...

Stay cool!
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